Queen Esther's Kitchen

Because Everyone Deserves to Eat Like Royalty

There’s something so magical about food; wouldn’t you agree? Sure, eating is one thing, but experiencing the way it brings people together, puts smiles on faces, brings life into places, and invigorates memories is entirely another.

I started Queen Esther’s Kitchen because I believe in the power and magic of food, and want to empower others to create meaningful experiences around delicious meals.  Whether you’re sharing a bountiful brunch with best friends, or creating a decadent dessert for your celebratory event, it’s my goal to ensure that you and the people in your life eat like royalty– because you deserve it. 

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Esther Oppong

Welcome, friends! For those of you who are new here, I’m Esther. My businesses, Queen Esther’s Cupcakes and Queen Esther’s Kitchen, were inspired by my desire to make beautiful food accessible, simple, and delicious. My name (and subsequent business names) comes from Queen Esther in the Bible. I admire her character so much because in addition to being a stunningly beautiful girl, she acted with bravery, loyalty, and courage in the face of staggering circumstances and did amazing, epic things with her life. I hope the same can be said of me one day, and my desire is that my businesses inspire others to take chances on themselves and lean into their greatness with confidence and purpose.

I’m the daughter of the sweetest Ghanaian parents and the oldest of four *absolutely phenomenal* siblings. Outside of the kitchen, you can find me diving into a good book, grabbing my passport and trademark red polka-dot suitcases for an adventure, or styling fabulous, vibrant flowers and equally fabulous, vibrant outfits.

My favorite food to eat is a silky, tender braised short rib. I had it at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Vegas once and it changed my life! My favorite meal to make is salmon (there are just SO MANY OPTIONS!), and you might be surprised to know that I’m actually allergic to chicken and whole wheat, so you won’t see any recipes with those ingredients here! Oh, and if I were hosting my dream dinner party, I would absolutely invite Jennifer Garner and Tabitha Brown (they’re just so stinking adorable and they both love to cook). And of course I’d invite you, too, but since you’re already here — might as well stay a while! 🙂